Saturday, January 3, 2009


Three days into the new year and I'm trying out something new! Blogging. I don't even know what this is about or why people Blog! Anyhoo, got to keep up with the times or you will soon have to sweep me out the door. Yesterday I watched Martha (yeah Martha) and it was a repeat on Blogging. Boy there are experts out there on everything. Expert, what exactly does that mean. We have the professional experts with all their educational training who label themselves as experts. There are those who because they have completed tasks repetitiously are considered experts and we have those who because of their blown up egos think they are experts on everything. So where do the rest of us fit in? We sit back quietly and hope we will hear something inspiring, something exciting, something so creatively challenging that we will shout "ah ha" (now that's from Oprah!). For now, we keep listening.......what did you hear today?